Redwood Coast Connect
Broadband Consortium

Redwood Coast Connect (RCC) was a project created in 2007 by Redwood Coast Rural Action (RCRA), a regional network of community leaders. The RCC is an ongoing initiative to make broadband Internet available to all residents in the four county regions of Humboldt, Del Norte, Mendocino, and Trinity.

RCC has now grown into a consortium network of six well respected member organizations representing a diverse range of stakeholders and a representative from each of the regions counties Board of Supervisors.

The long-term goal of RCC is to make available affordable ubiquitous broadband to all rural communities in the Redwood Coast region through the community engagement, simplification of county and municipal policies and tapping the ingenuity of entrepreneurs in the region.

Vision Statement


Description of the Geographical Regions/Population

Current Conditions


Investment Strategy

Broadband Deployment, Access and Adoption

Budget and Expenditures

Next Steps

Community Partners:

Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County

Redwood Region Economic Development Commission

Access Humboldt

Tri-Agency Economic Development Authority

Redwood Coast Rural Action