Vision Statement

To have reliable, affordable Broadband access for all residents, businesses, local and tribal governments and public entities in the Redwood Coast Region.

To develop and facilitate the implementation of a broadband infrastructure that will provide a cohesive, integrated and robust "middle mile" and "last mile" by using California Advance Service Fund Infrastructure funding and attracting matching regional
funding to improve health access, education opportunities and economic development to all corners of the region.

The overarching goal is to meet the current and long-term "middle mile" and "last mile" broadband needs of all citizens living in the region’s unserved and underserved communities.

Why is Broadband Important to Our Region
It has become impossible to lead one’s life, or conduct one’s business without adequate broadband access. From the United Nations to France to Finland, broadband is now recognized as a basic human right. Unfortunately, in many communities in the Redwood Coast this basic human right is not available. Closing the Digital Divide is vital to the economic prosperity and quality of life. We have no doubt our lack of broadband hurts our economy, makes it difficult for our citizens to participate in government, and handicaps our children’s education and therefore their chances of success.

We are committed to changing our current reality and leaving no community on the Redwood Coast behind.