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Academic Dean/Associate Dean Recruitment

Recruitment Steps

Step 1 - Recruitment Initiation

  • *Authorization to Recruit (Faculty Unit Employee)

    The Search/Screening Committee or Administrative Support person completes electronic Authorization to Recruit (Faculty Unit Employee) Google Form, to request authorization to recruit. This form will require the drafted vacancy announcement (reviewed and approved by Equity Advocate) be uploaded. Additional documents may be required depending on which position type is being recruited - the form will also require information regarding advertising locations, search committee membership, and position specific information. APS will review, request additional information if needed, and initiate the recruitment process in PageUp.

  • Strategic Advertising/Recruitment Plan

    May be useful for committees to review prior to submitting their request to recruit Google Form. APS will build position in CHRS Recruiting (PageUp) and obtain quotes from advertising partners. For Academic Positions Only.

  • Confidentiality Form for Search Committees for Dean/Associate Dean

    Signed by all committee members and support staff for an Academic Dean/Associate Dean search to acknowledge and agree with specified confidentiality provisions

Step 2 - Pre-screening and Acknowledgement

Step 3 - Telephone Interviews

Step 4 - Personal Interviews

Step 5 - Preparing the Offer

  • *Reference Check Information for Recommended Candidate Form

    The reference check forms will be submitted after moving the selected candidate(s) to the "Reference Check Successful/Recommendation to Dean for Hire" status in CHRS Recruiting (PageUp). Please be sure to document the the candidate's strengths and weaknesses in PageUp's "Search Committee Panel Review" section before you move your candidate(s) to the "Reference Check Successful/Recommendation to Dean for Hire". Please reach out to APS via email with any questions,

Background Checks

Appointment Document

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