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Banner Services - Inventory & Retire


As part of the ITS "Planned Abandonment" initiatives, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of the data and processes remaining in Banner, our legacy student information system. On conclusion of the evaluation, we will develop and implement a plan to migrate that data to an alternate solution so that Banner can be retired and we no longer need to maintain and support it. 

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Alan Lutje
Ken Thrift
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Status Update

3/25/14: Testing has been successfully completed on Student Records and Student Financial Services Apex applications, and security is now being created, tied to corresponding PeopleSoft permissions. Research continues on a few remaining uses of Banner data, primarily related to functionality to be migrated to the Fischer Identity Management System and alternate solutions for CEEE to store data currently being secured in Banner tables, which may require that we extend the time to closure of this project.    

2/28/14: Apex applications have been created to permit continued access to certain database information needed by Student Records and Student Financial Services; these are currently being tested. Research continues on a few remaining uses of Banner data but we remain on schedule to retire the Banner application in July, with data contents available via the Gamma server and Apex applications. 

1/22/14: From an initial list of 13 actionable areas, five have been identified for retirement in July 2014 when the Fischer Identity Management system is implemented, five have been identified as requiring an alternative data storage resource (for example, Apex application or Data Warehouse), two require further research, and one has been closed. 

11/22/13: An initial planning meeting has been held to enable us to begin compiling the inventory of remaining Banner forms and data that need to be migrated elsewhere in order to retire the Banner application. The team is meeting with identified business areas and will regroup in December to review the results of their research and to identify specific tasks and timelines.

10/22/13: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as an ITS priority for 2013-14.

Nov 15 2013 - Jul 31 2014

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