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Employee Onboarding, Separation & Transfer Documentation Routing


The automated routing of documents required for onboarding, separation and transfers for staff, faculty, and student assistants.

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Financial Services - Director

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Student Assistants

Josh Smith
Phil Rouse
Denise Giltzow
Melissa Koval
Carol Lorentzen
Liz Villarreal

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Status Update

3/27/14: The electronic Report of Separation (Form 109) initial draft was reviewed, and edits and adjustments documented and provided to the technical developer this week. The form will be adjusted, then retested. Once it is completed, the developer will begin creating the electronic Advice of Separation (Form 510).

The project team is meeting regularly to continue shaping the Separation and Transfer Checklist process and electronic form design. A meeting is scheduled with the sponsor for early April to update on the Report of Separation progress, and present the process improvement recommendations for the Separation and Transfer Checklist portion of the process.

2/24/14: The APEX e-forms are being created this month and will be ready to review by mid-March.

In preparation for the next phase, which will focus on the Separation Checklist, we have scheduled meetings to learn more about the Fischer identity management functionality and how it may be tied into the separation and transfer process. This process will enable the team to develop appropriate recommendations for the checklist.

1/27/14: The project is now focused on the separation process. An e-form is being drafted for the HSU Report of Separation on the staff side, as well as the Advice of Separation (Form 510) for temporary faculty. These new e-forms will form the first phase of the project.

At the same time, the project team is working on how to improve the current Separation Checklist process, which departing employees must complete. This will form the next phase of the project.

11/25/13: Completed as-is mapping of onboarding and exit processes and identified hotspots for further analysis/action. Gained alignment on initial assessment and next steps with sponsor and identified core team.  The team is now detailing areas for improvement in theReport of Separation form in preparation for digitizing; full requirements and mapping are expected by 12/31/13. We are also scoping new points of communication to be added for relevant individuals in the onboarding process and the creation of e-check-in/check-out list.

10/16/13: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as one of four core areas of process improvement priorities for 2013-14. Originally submitted as a multi-phased solution for separation and transfer document routing, the final project approval also included the employee onboarding process. 

12/5/12: Proposal has been deferred for consideration as part of campus-wide efficiency initiatives planned to commence in 2013. Should the Identity Management Audit result in a finding relating to existing employees, Joyce Lopes has agreed to assist in crafting an appropriate response that will both satisfy the auditors and not require that we undertake this project immediately.


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