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In recognition of the need for enabling technologies that provide staff, faculty, and students with a broad range of tools for student success and revenue generation, ITS will undertake a mobility initiative during 2013-14. This project will start by defining the policy and architecture required to support current and projected needs to access campus data.  This may involve providing virtual desktops, cloud storage, and mobile applications for select services currently delivered through myHumboldt and other self-service tools. A proof-of-concept scenario will be produced by the end of the fiscal year to provide the foundation for these services and support further development. 

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Info Tech Services Dir Office

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Anna Kircher
Josh Callahan
Dave Peters
Cade Webb
Steve Darnall

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Status Update

3/20/14: The virtual desktop upgrade to Windows 8 is complete, and the build of the first two virtual desktops is almost complete; once the remaining issues have been resolved, these will be handed off to the technical team for initial verification. Early planning for phase 2 application development is underway, starting with discussions with PeopleSoft mobile application developers at CSUN and ModoLabs. ModoLabs will demo the latest version of their Kurogo mobile application development tool in early April; as part of the same session, HSU will demo myHumboldt so an informed discussion about a mobile version of the portal and its association communications can take place. Marcom has already used Kurogo to develop the services currently available at 

2/26/14: Planned deliverables for the proof of concept were presented to the CIO. Designs for phase 1 include: a device-independent unified workspace accessible through single sign-on; a uniform catalog of core services and applications, beginnning with a list of common desktop applications, virtualized in a common way for access by campus-owned desktops and Windows 8 tablets, as well as virtual desktops for access on personally owned devices; and flexible, secure file storage with access to individual and departmental file shares. Josh Callahan is working with Citrix to schedule development of the pilot Citrix "Xenmobile" and shared file environment, while Dave Peters continues work on the virtual desktop upgrade portion of the project. We are currently identifying the first pilot department. 

1/22/14: The team participated in three product demonstrations for a cloud-based virtual file-sharing solution and is now evaluating those demonstrations. Technical work sessions continue on the recommended solution for Phase 1, with an eye to how subsequent phases would be staged and what information or dependencies are required to move them forward. 

11/22/13: The team has compiled a list of possible technical solutions for the mobile use cases identified through interviews with various faculty, staff and student groups. Technical work sessions will take place during December so that the team can begin creating a list of the recommended policy changes, service offerings, and support structures each solution would involve. Recommendations will be presented to the Vice Presidents and, once approved, will form the scope of our proof-of-concept build, scheduled to be delivered by the end of the Spring 2014 semester.

10/24/13: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as an ITS priority for 2013-14.

Nov 7 2013 - May 30 2014

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