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Humboldt State University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) is here to help you make the most of the computer resources available to you on campus. You’ll find a brief summary of our services below; just click the Learn More link to find out more about a particular service – or log in directly if you know that’s where you want to go.

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indicates our most frequently used services. Click on "Services" to alphabetize the list by service name.

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Service Log in now Description
Antivirus HSU provides you with a free license for Sophos Anti-Virus to help protect your computer against... Learn more about Antivirus
Computer Labs Twelve computer labs are available on campus for your courses and for independent access to... Learn more about Computer Labs
Email All students, faculty, and staff at HSU are provided with a email address for all... Learn more about Email
Information Security Humboldt State University's Information Security Team works with the campus community to... Learn more about Information Security
Mailing Lists - Google Groups Google Groups lets you email predefined groups of people quickly and easily using a single... Learn more about Mailing Lists - Google Groups
Moodle Moodle is learning central for students, staff, and faculty at HSU. It's how instructional... Learn more about Moodle
myReports (OBI - Oracle Business Intelligence) HSU's myReports enables you to extract information from PeopleSoft using Oracle Business... Learn more about myReports (OBI - Oracle Business Intelligence)
Network Folders Store your files in your personal online HSU folder so you can access them from anywhere with a... Learn more about Network Folders
PeopleSoft Finance (CFS) Accessed through myHumboldt, PeopleSoft Finance (CFS) is the financial services element of... Learn more about PeopleSoft Finance (CFS)
PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) Accessed through myHumboldt, PeopleSoft HCM is one element of the California State University... Learn more about PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM)
Printing HSU controls paper waste with a campus-wide Pay for Print system. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and... Learn more about Printing
Technology Help Desk The HSU Technology Help Desk provides support services for University-owned computing equipment and... Learn more about Technology Help Desk
Web Publishing - Official Sites HSU's Central Web server hosts all official department and University sites. Sites published on... Learn more about Web Publishing - Official Sites
Web Publishing - Personal Sites HSU offers two options for individuals to publish personal websites using University servers: The... Learn more about Web Publishing - Personal Sites
Wireless Connectivity (Staff/Faculty/Students) HSU operates two types of wireless network - one for staff, faculty, and students, and one for... Learn more about Wireless Connectivity (Staff/Faculty/Students)
Accessibility HSU requires that technology be accessible to all University constituents regardless of (dis)... Learn more about Accessibility
Account Center The Account Center is the web portal for students, staff and faculty to manage their HSU account,... Learn more about Account Center
Accounts Your HSU account enables you to log in to email, Moodle, lab computers, the wireless network, and... Learn more about Accounts
ClassClimate Course Evaluation Software ClassClimate software is used to create course evaluations and analyze student responses concerning... Learn more about ClassClimate Course Evaluation Software
Classroom Technology Equipment Checkout & Rental Classroom Technology Services provides a wide range of multimedia and computer equipment to... Learn more about Classroom Technology Equipment Checkout & Rental
Closed Captioning HSU's accessibility policies require that all audio-visual materials used for instructional or... Learn more about Closed Captioning
Compromised Systems Procedure If the security of one computer on an HSU network is compromised, the integrity of every piece of... Learn more about Compromised Systems Procedure
Computer Purchasing HSU staff and faculty are able to purchase PCs (from Dell) and Macs (from Apple) at discounted... Learn more about Computer Purchasing
CSYou (CSU Portal) CSYou provides access to specific CSU-wide services and is available through myHumboldt to anyone... Learn more about CSYou (CSU Portal)
Desktop Support Desktop systems, solutions, and services are delivered to HSU staff and faculty by the Desktop... Learn more about Desktop Support
Encryption Encryption is the transformation of data into a form unreadable by anyone without the secret... Learn more about Encryption
Google Apps When HSU adopted Gmail as the campus email standard, we also had the opportunity to make other... Learn more about Google Apps
Google Apps Sync You'll need to install Google Apps Sync, a plug-in for Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010, if you want to... Learn more about Google Apps Sync
Google Docs Google Docs is a suite of productivity applications - word processing, spreadsheet, and... Learn more about Google Docs
Guest Accounts A number of different types of guest account are provided for different categories of visitors to... Learn more about Guest Accounts
HSU Alert HSU Alert is the University's emergency text messaging notification system. Students, staff, and... Learn more about HSU Alert
IT Committees Two primary committees exist to take input from the HSU community to ITS. This infrastructure gives... Learn more about IT Committees
IT Projects The IT Services Project Office defines, implements, and delivers information technology services... Learn more about IT Projects
KBOX Help Desk Ticketing System KBOX is the online system HSU uses to receive, process, and manage requests for assistance with... Learn more about KBOX Help Desk Ticketing System
MAP-Works: Making Achievement Possible Maximizing student success is HSU's number one priority and, to that end, the campus has adopted... Learn more about MAP-Works: Making Achievement Possible
Media Production Services Media Production Services is the division of Classroom Technology Services that provides assistance... Learn more about Media Production Services
myHumboldt myHumboldt provides an easy way for students, staff, and faculty to access the information they... Learn more about myHumboldt
Network Services HSU's networking and communications infrastructure is maintained and supported by... Learn more about Network Services
Nolij Content Management System Nolij serves as an electronic filing cabinet for digitized documents and enables you to automate... Learn more about Nolij Content Management System
Online Directory Two public online directories are published on the main HSU website - one listing staff and faculty... Learn more about Online Directory
Operator Services Two operators share duties to manage the HSU switchboard at (707) 826-3011, ensuring service is... Learn more about Operator Services
Password Management Maintaining strong password protection is one of the best ways to protect information. Your HSU... Learn more about Password Management
PeopleSoft Development HSU ITS has a staff of programmers responsible for the development of custom solutions, setting up... Learn more about PeopleSoft Development
PeopleSoft Financial Reporting CSU has created a Common Financial Reporting (CFR) environment (sometimes referred to as the... Learn more about PeopleSoft Financial Reporting
Printer Purchasing HSU has negotiated discounted pricing for a range of HP office printers through Sehi Computer... Learn more about Printer Purchasing
Protected Information The law requires that HSU and its employees, consultants, and independent contractors maintain the... Learn more about Protected Information
R25 WebViewer (Resource25) The R25 WebViewer lets you search for and request a reservation for classrooms for events on campus... Learn more about R25 WebViewer (Resource25)
Remote Screen Sharing for Support Remote screen sharing software enables HSU Technology Help Desk technicians to understand and... Learn more about Remote Screen Sharing for Support
Single Sign-On Services The CSU system provides easy access to a number of system-wide services centrally using a process... Learn more about Single Sign-On Services
Site-Licensed Software HSU makes a number of software applications available across campus, both for instructional and... Learn more about Site-Licensed Software
Smart Classrooms HSU's 69 Smart Classrooms enhance the classroom experience with the latest in computer and... Learn more about Smart Classrooms
Smart Phones You can use smart phones on campus in many of the same ways you can use a computer - to access... Learn more about Smart Phones
Software HSU owns campus-wide and departmental licenses to a wide range of software programs that support... Learn more about Software
Software :: Adobe Acrobat Pro Adobe Acrobat Pro lets users create industry-standard portable documents using the PDF format. HSU... Learn more about Software :: Adobe Acrobat Pro
Software :: IBM SPSS IBM SPSS is statistical analysis software that enables users to manipulate data to forecast trends... Learn more about Software :: IBM SPSS
Software :: Mathematica Mathematica is a Windows-based technical computation application that does everything in a single... Learn more about Software :: Mathematica
Software :: Microsoft Office Microsoft Office is the industry-standard productivity software package for general office use. CSU... Learn more about Software :: Microsoft Office
Software :: Sophos Anti-Virus Sophos Anti-Virus is freely available for everyone associated with the University to use on campus... Learn more about Software :: Sophos Anti-Virus
Software :: Update Services for Mac Mac users on campus can benefit from using the munki managed software update service to get... Learn more about Software :: Update Services for Mac
Software :: Update Services for Windows To ensure timely software updates to HSU-owned Windows computer, the University has deployed... Learn more about Software :: Update Services for Windows
Software Purchasing The ITS Project Office has prepared a set of guidelines to help staff and faculty navigate the HSU... Learn more about Software Purchasing
Student Bulk Email System (CRN) This system enables Department Coordinators to easily construct and send emails to specific groups... Learn more about Student Bulk Email System (CRN)
System Status System Status (Systat) provides the HSU community with the current status of all Humboldt State... Learn more about System Status
Teleconferencing HSU's AT&T Reservationless Teleconferencing Service enables you to meet virtually with... Learn more about Teleconferencing
Teleconferencing Phone Checkout Telecommunications & Network Services (TNS) has a small supply of teleconferencing phone... Learn more about Teleconferencing Phone Checkout
Telephones Staff and faculty are allocated a telephone and extension number when they become associated with... Learn more about Telephones
Training & Professional Development Staff and faculty have access to a wide range of training and professional development resources... Learn more about Training & Professional Development
University Notices University Notices is a weekly email update of official university events and other activities. It'... Learn more about University Notices
Virtual Lab The HSU VLab, or Virtual Lab, allows you to access on-campus software when you're away from campus... Learn more about Virtual Lab
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) HSU's VPN enables staff and faculty to connect to their office computers and other network... Learn more about Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Voicemail Every telephone extension at HSU has an associated voicemail account. The voicemail system offers a... Learn more about Voicemail
Web Conferencing HSU uses Elluminate (currently undergoing a name change to Blackboard Collaborate) to provide a... Learn more about Web Conferencing

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