Building Healthy Communities

  • Del Norte County Reports

Poverty & Health

  • Rural Health Information Survey
    CCRP developed a four page survey containing questions about general health, mental health, preventive health, access and utilization of healthcare, transportation, food security, sources of health information and access to phones, electricity, and internet.
  • Poverty in the Redwood Coast Region: Census Data 
    An Analysis of U.S. Census 2000 data reveals the variation in poverty in the Redwood Coast Region by place, age and race/ethnicity.

Health Care

  • Del Norte County Healthcare Provider Recruiting and Retention Plan
    This plan includes demographics of Del Norte County with GIS maps, results of community input through surveys and meetings, a summary of best practices from other rural areas, as well as an assessment of the economic impact of the health care system on the County.


  • Rural Latino Project
    This project adopts a multi-method approach, which integrates sociospatial data via geographic information systems with other health and sociodemographic data, to investigate the health issues faced by this rapidly growing rural population.
  • McLean Community Study Final Report
    This is an exploratory study commissioned by The McLean Foundation to assess topics that are of importance to people in the Eel River Valley region.

 Environmental Health

  • Agricultural Workers Health Initiative
    This project employs a mixed‐method, place‐based approach to study agricultural worker health issues related to pesticide use in rural California.