Humboldt State University is a place for students with a spirit of adventure and a passion for making a difference in the world.

At Humboldt, you'll explore new ideas while learning more about yourself. Your professors will know you by name, and your education will go beyond the classroom with original research and real-world projects. You'll be part of a campus known for its longstanding commitment to social and environmental responsibility. And when you graduate, you'll have more than just a degree – you'll have the skills to go far in life and make your community better.

Why Humboldt

Card with writing that says "I pledge to respect mother earth and all her creations."

How Eco-Friendly are we? See for Yourself …

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Sometimes just stepping on the scale is enough inspiration to curb your consumption. Similarly, HSU’s new Sustainability Dashboard makes it easy to measure progress toward its ambitious sustainability targets.

Humboldt State Virtual Quad

Virtual events are ways for the campus community to stay connected with lectures, club activities, performances, and more. All face-to-face events and activities are suspended.

Life at Humboldt State

… is a little something like this, as captured by our campus photographer and members of our campus community.

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