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Next Program: May 26-June 15, 2015


Participate in a field study at La Selva Biological Field Station in Costa Rica!

Learn about New World primate behavior, ecology and conservation, primatology field techniques, Costa Rican culture, current issues affecting Costa Ricans and their flora and fauna, and cultural sensitivity, among many other things.


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Instructors: Marissa Ramsier and Gillian Moritz


“We saw some really unusual stuff this last year,” says Professor Mary Glenn. Read the Humboldt Now article: "The Jungle as the Classroom."

“We had incredible sightings, studying [primate] locations in the canopy, their behavior and vocalizations, their group composition and diet,” reports student Rani Ram. Read the Humboldt Now article about student Rani Ram's experience.

"Studying in Costa Rica was by far one of the most influential events of my time at Humboldt State University. Not only was the journey wonderfully challenging and educational, but it was also incredibly fun! The friends I have made and the adventures we had will be warm thoughts that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I learned so much on this program and I am sincerely thankful that I was able to have this experience!" says student Reid Jackson.