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Online Resources

California Cultures: A Monograph Series
Reciprocity & Hupa Woodpeckers. by Timothy Jordan

Where the Trails Return: Cultural Influences on Hupa History by Brian Gleeson

War of the Rebellion

Online Curriculum

California Indian During the Gold Rush
You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to read this Curricular Unit


Slavery:  A California Reality
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An Exploration of our History

(Native American Slaves) Youtube video

NMAI thanksgiving curriculum

Original Voices

A Gold Rush history 
created by Chag Lowry
  3rd and 4th Grade Resources

Online resources
Online resource are articles that may be of interest to students looking for research topics, and current issues circulating in Indian Country that are available via the web.

According to the American Indian Culture and Research Journal (Volume 22, No 4, Published 1998) 77% of California Native America Indians marry non-Indians. 49% of Indian Men and 41.6% of Indian Women are married to Non-Indians.

American Indians in Childrens Literature an updated blog by Debbie Reese

The Original Patriots by Chag Lowry

Biometrics in Indian Country: The Bloody fight for Authenticity
by Tiffany Waters

Blood Quantum Land Laws and the Race Versus Political Identity Dilemma

by Rose Cuison Villazor (this links to an Abstract and allows you to download a pdf version of the paper.)

Indigenous Identity: What is it, and Who Really has it?

by Hilary N. Weaver (I got the article through JSTOR, which is available through HSU Library)

Native intelligence by Jack Forbes

Videos on that might be useful.

Native American Languages - Hupa Valley Language Project 3.03 min video With Jackie Martin Teacher

Hoopa Creation Story 1.26min video with Kayla Carpenter narrator

Indian Card Game - Hoopa Valley Style 1.14min Soveriegn Day 2009

Bower Youth awards 2005 5.58min Kayla Carpenter, Ericka Chase,
(Merv George Sr. and Josh Strange)

Karuk Sacred Smoke 1.03 min NCIDC Karuk

Miss Indian World 2009 - Brook Grant Flower Dance demonstration 1.18 min

Miss Indian World 2010 - Brush dance Demonstration 16:19min

The Yurok Tribe 3.15 min

oohl we-son' 6:58min

Live in a Good Way 24:39min

Fatherhood Project 11:32min

Klamath Style Yew-Bow 5:24min Homer Cooper Original

California Indian Songs and stories 2:05:40 Charlie Thom, Malcolm Margolin, Linda Yamane, Mike Merelez, Ron Good, Clarence Hostler.

Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians - by Kimberly Johnston-Dodds (Sept 2002)

The Economic Impact of Indian Gaming in 2009

Lands of Opportunity: Social and Economic Effects of Tribal Gaming on Localities

Two-Spirits in American Indian Culture 12:48min