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Print Services

Copy Services Price List

Black & White - Text Weight Paper (20# White Bond)
Letter (8.5"x11") - Single Sided.046Per Sheet
Letter (8.5"x11") - Double Sided.081Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Single Sided.052Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Double Sided.087Per Sheet
Tabloid (11"x17") - Single Sided.10Per Sheet - 60# White Book
Tabloid (11"x17") - Double Sided.17Per Sheet - 60# White Book
Black & White - Cover Weight Paper (67# White Bristol)
Letter (8.5"x11") - Single Sided.065Per Sheet
Letter (8.5"x11") - Double Sided.10Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Single Sided.087Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Double Sided.11Per Sheet
Tabloid (11"x17") - Single Sided.17Per Sheet
Tabloid (11"x17") - Double Sided.20Per Sheet
Color Copies (any text weight paper)
Letter (8.5"x11") - Single Sided.55Per Sheet
Letter (8.5"x11") - Double Sided1.10Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Single Sided.70Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Double Sided1.40Per Sheet
Tabloid (11"x17") - Single Sided1.20Per Sheet
Tabloid (11"x17") - Double Sided2.40Per Sheet
Color Copies (any cover weight paper)
Letter (8.5"x11") - Single Sided.65Per Sheet
Letter (8.5"x11") - Double Sided1.30Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Single Sided.80Per Sheet
Legal (8.5"x14") - Double Sided1.60Per Sheet
Tabloid (11"x17") - Single Sided1.40Per Sheet
Tabloid (11"x17") - Double Sided2.80Per Sheet
Bindery Services
Collate/Staple on Copier.0009Per Sheet
Fold.01 ($5.00 min.)Per Sheet
Cut.003 ($3.00 min)Per Cut / Per Sheet
Drill (e.g. 3-Hole Punch).004 ($2.00 min.)Per Sheet
Laminate$1.50 Per Linear Foot + $30 / hour Trimming Fee

More bindery options are available, such as scoring, perofrating, padding, crash numbering, and book binding. Please call our main office at 822-3321 or email for information and pricing.