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Degrees Offered: MA

Humboldt State University has a long tradition of teacher education dating back to 1914, when it first opened as a Normal School. Over the years, Humboldt has prepared many of the teachers of this region while developing a reputation for innovation and close cooperation with local school districts. One of every seven Humboldt students is involved in some phase of teacher education (including undergraduate preparatory programs).

Humboldt's teacher education programs enjoy positive working relationships with the local schools that accommodate credential candidates from year to year. With the cooperative efforts of supportive school administrators, excellent mentor teachers, university professors, and university supervisors, candidates receive the individual attention that makes their credential-year experiences most rewarding.

In addition to the Masters of Arts degrees, Education contains the following programs:

Elementary Education

  • Preliminary and Professional Clear Credentials in Multiple Subjects

See also: Liberal Studies/Elementary Education, Child Development/Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Preliminary & Professional Clear Credentials in the following Single Subjects:

  • Art Education
  • Business Education
  • English/Language Arts Education
  • French Education
  • German Education
  • Applied Technology Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education
  • Science Education (Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, or Physics)
  • Social Science Education
  • Spanish Education

Special Education

  • Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
  • Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential in Moderate/Severe Disabilities

Administrative Services

  • Level I Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
  • Level II Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential
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Graduate Options

  • Education

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