Sept. 16th from 11-1 pm, Gist Hall 114

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Job Opportunities

  • Personal Attendant – Remi Vista, Inc. Job ID #22546
  • Day Care Assistant – Little Ones Day Care. Job ID #1595
  • Student Researcher – HSU California Center for Rural Policy . Job ID #22553
  • Custodial Student Assistant – HSU Housing & Dining Services. Job 22552
  • Night Audit – Red Lion Hotel JOB ID 22549
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Workshops & Events

  • Sep 18 2014
    Peace Corps - Information Session – 5:00 pm in FH 206
  • Sep 17 2014
    Peace Corps - Information Session – 6:00 pm in SH 108
  • Sep 16 2014
    Academic and Career Advising Open House – Flash-drive goody bags & refreshments served. Tues, Sept. 16, 11am - 1pm, Gist Hall 114
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Success Stories

  • Rachel Codding Research Associate
  • Dawn McCovey Research Experience
  • Sonia Ibarra Marine Bio Research
  • Giacobazzi YaƱez Videographer
  • Dario Moya Legal Intern
  • Lucia Garcia Youth Educator Intern
  • Lindsey Payne Vet Science Program
  • Yvonne Sandoval Executive Intern
  • Jared Kurtz Environmental Intern
  • Emily Astley Research Experience
  • Ben Davis Ind. Design Intern
  • Curt Barnes Barred Owl Intern
  • Yazmin Prado Probation Intern
  • Tara Brune Math REU
  • Ariel Gruenthal Coroner's Intern
  • Eric Greer TV News Reporter
  • Jessica Watson District Attorney Intern
  • Jerri Sweeney Dance Intern
  • Eric McDermott Forestry Intern

Employer Partners

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