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University Committees

If you have corrections, changes, or additions, please forward them to the Senate Office (  The directory does not include department and college committees, or most student and staff committees.  The dates beside names of individuals indicate when terms expire.  Terms normally are through Spring of the academic year. Where applicable, the position or type of member is indicated – faculty (F), student (S), administrator (A), staff (Staff), or community member (C).  The person or body making appointments is also noted--President (P) ; Senate Appointments and Elections Committee (AEC) ; Staff Council (SC); and Associated Students (AS).
Academic Policies Committe (APC) 
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee (ADAP)
Appointments and Elections Committee (AEC)
Committee on Faculty RTP Criteria and Standards
Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBC)
Council of Deans & Directors
Diversity & Inclusion Campus Advisory Council
Diversity Program Funding Committee
Diving Control Board
Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (ERFA)
Environmental Health and Occupation Safety Committee
Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)
Faculty Awards Committee 
Fields Oversight Committee 
GEAR Curriculum and Assesment Committee
General Faculty, Executive Board of the 
Graduate Council
Honorary Degree Nominating Committee
HSU Advancement Foundation 
HSU Sponsored Programs Foundation Board
HSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) For the Protection of Human Subjects
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IAUC)
Instruction Related Activities Committee (IRA)
Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC)
Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Commitee (IAAC)
International Advisory Committee 
International Programs Screening Committee
International Programs, Academic Council On (ACIP)
Planning Committee for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities (PCRSC)
Professional Leave Committee
Professional Responsibility Committee
Senate Executive Committee
Service Learning/ Academic Internships Advisory Committee
Services to Students with Disabilities Advisory Committee
Sexual Assault Prevention Committee
Staff Council
Student Fee Advisory Committee
Student Greivance Committee
University Center Board
University Executive Committee
University Faculty Personnell Committee (UFPC)
University Resources amd Planning Commitee
University Space and Facilities Advisory Group
VPSA Council






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