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Environmental & Natural Resources Planning Certificate

Society is facing complex environmental and development challenges such as climate change, hazards/disasters such as floods, drought and wildfires, housing shortages, pollution, and loss of species and habitats. There is a need for planners who can weigh environmental, social, economic, and political considerations and work with communities to envision just and sustainable futures. The Environmental & Natural Resources Planning certificate provides an overview of planning processes and techniques through multiple disciplines. 

What you’ll learn

Environmental and natural resources planning requires an interdisciplinary approach and students gain experience in a variety of fields. They learn about laws and political processes that inform planning at local, state, federal, and even international scales. Students develop an in-depth understanding of planning methods and approaches with specific coursework related to environmental conservation and land use planning on public and private lands, in rural communities, and in coastal and marine environments. They develop environmental and natural science field research and geospatial data analysis skills. Students learn about economic principles and how they apply to environmental concerns. They also gain skills related to conflict resolution and community engagement.