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Graduate Admission

Fall 2024 - Graduate Applications will open October 1!

See below for program specific application deadlines.

Application Information

Non-refundable application fee of $70 for all programs

*Application fee waivers are not available.

(Please be sure to carefully read each section of the four quadrants for important information on completing the application successfully)

  • Current and permanent address
  • Social Security Number (optional)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Residency information
  • Annual income information
  • Name and location of all colleges and universities and dates of attendance
  • All degrees earned, or expected; and dates
  • Visa/MasterCard number and expiration date or PayPal account information
  • Race/ethnicity, gender identity and disability information (optional)
  • Names, email addresses, phone numbers, institution or business, and positions of three references for letters of recommendation

Please note: Some programs may have later deadlines after the February 1 priority deadline, so we recommend you contact the Graduate Coordinator for that program, if the information is not listed on their Graduate Program page.

Fall Semester

Application Opens: October 1
Priority Application Deadline: November 30
Last Day to Submit Humboldt Admissions Application: February 28
Classes begin mid-August

Spring Semester (some Graduate Programs)

Application Opens: August 1
Priority Application Deadline: Check with the Program
Classes begin mid-January

Approximately five (5) business days after submitting your application you will receive an email with instructions for how to sign into myHumboldt, your student portal.

Note: Only one application can be submitted per semester.

Application Requirements vary by Graduate Program. Check the Graduate Program page, or contact the program’s Graduate Coordinator, early in the process to make sure you have the most updated requirements.

Most graduate programs require additional supplemental material, such as a personal statement or writing sample. Check the Graduate Program page before you begin the application so you can prepare your supplemental materials. Quadrant 3 and Quadrant 4 on Cal State Apply will also have information pertaining to required supplemental material. Cal State Apply Program Materials Guide.

The GRE Institution Code for Cal Poly Humboldt is 4345. If you have taken the GRE test you will need to provide your your ETS Registration Code on your Calstate Application. Please check with your program for GRE requirements; not all programs require GRE for admission.

Note: If you have not taken the GRE Test, indicate the the date in which you are planning on taking the test or enter an estimated date.

Please contact your evaluators ahead of time to be sure they are willing to respond to your request for a recommendation. Ask them to discuss your leadership, academic standards, and skills as they pertain to your primary interest area. Your evaluators will be contacted automatically through the online application system when you enter their information in the application.

Your evaluators must accept the invitation. On the Evaluations page you will be asked to provide a due date in which the evaluator should submit; If they miss that deadline, they can still submit their LoR. The evaluator will be able to submit your recommendation after that deadlineYou can monitor the status, by going back into your Calstate Application. For additional information on how to resend or change a reference go to Cal State Apply Program Materials. You will be asked to waive, or not waive your right to see your recommendations. To learn more about this, click here.

Note: If your evaluator is having difficulty submitting their recommendation, please advise them to contact Cal State Technical support at (857) 304-2087.

Official Paper transcripts must be in their original sealed envelope and should be sent to:
Cal Poly Humboldt
Office of Graduate Admissions
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Cal Poly Humboldt currently accepts official electronic college transcripts via Credentials Solutions, Scrip-Safe, eTranscript California, Parchment and National Student Clearinghouse. Please check with your college registrar's office to see if they use one of these electronic services.

If your school only provides transcripts through Scrip-Safe or Parchment and the drop down menu option is or, your transcript will be considered “Official” and will be accepted. Admissions will not accept transcripts sent to Humboldt staff email addresses. If you have to type in an email address, this transcript request will be considered “Unofficial” and will not be accepted.

  • Third-party services outside of those listed above will not be accepted. We will not accept transcripts sent from students or counselors.
  • You will never need to submit transcripts from Cal Poly Humboldt, showing classes you've taken at Humboldt. If you have not been an enrolled student at Humboldt within the past five years, thranscripts from other institutions may have been purged. Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office to check the status of the transcripts from other colleges.
  • Allow up to three weeks for processing transcripts during peak months (January-March and May-July).
  • Transcripts and test scores submitted to Cal Poly Humboldt become the property of Cal Poly Humboldt and will not be released to students, other colleges, or agencies. Please plan to request a personal copy from your former college or university if you need one for your own records.

Please be sure sure to carefully read all sections of the application. Coursework in quadrant 2, Academic History, Tile 2, Transcript Entry information: Only enter courses that are in-progress or planned.

Contact the Graduate Coordinator of the program you are applying to for details about additional financial assistance specific to that program.

The Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) is a program that allows admitted graduate students from the Western states and territories to pay California resident tuition. If you are from one of the applicable states your tuition will automatically be calculated to reflect the tuition discount. Check the WRGP web site for the most updated list of states and territories.

To be considered for financial assistance offered by some programs, be sure to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available through Cal State Apply.

The annual FAFSA opens on October 1; we highly recommend submitting as soon as possible, even before the priority deadline of March 2.

Note: For more information, see the Financial Aid Website or contact the Financial Aid Office: toll free (866) 255-1390 or local (707) 826-4321.

For Cal Poly Humboldt application information, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office: (707) 826.6250 or


Contact the Graduate Admissions Office:
Phone: 707.826.6250