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Financial Aid

Funding your future: it’s easier than you think.

Finding the right resource —including financial aid—to make your education and future career a reality doesn’t have to be a challenge. Learn about applying for aid, understand your tuition and costs, and explore different types of aid here.

Financial Aid Resources

Dreamers Forms and Resources

Dreamers can find assistance throughout their academic career with student-centered support and financial aid resources such as state and institutional aid.

Apply Early and Yearly

Some financial aid is first come, first served, so make sure to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Cal Dream Act Application as soon as possible. The first day to submit your Financial Aid Application is October 1.

Stay Engaged and On Track

Don’t miss out on anything important:  check your to-do list in theStudent Center often and always read your Humboldt email. Missed deadlines mean missed money!

Money Management and Budgeting

College affordability is a family discussion and agreeing on expectations early will help with the planning process. Here are a few tips to help make college more affordable.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Doing well in your classes and graduating in four years ensures you will maintain your financial aid eligibility. Faster completion means less debt!


With tuition and fees of just $8,250 per year, Cal Poly Humboldt is a great value. Humboldt combines incredible academic opportunities with affordability.

Financial Aid Timeline

We aim to make attending Cal Poly Humboldt affordable and attainable for everyone. We know the financial aid process can be confusing, so we have everything you need to know throughout the year.

Managing Your Finances
When Paying for College

Talking With Your Family.

Family involvement is extremely important when applying for financial aid and the FAFSA. Here’s how to chat with your loved ones and understand how they can help you with your application.

Budgeting and Borrowing Tips

It’s always wise to borrow only exactly what you need. Our tips help to ensure you know exactly how much you need to borrow and how to cover the remaining balance if needed.

Scholarships and More

There may be options to help offset the cost of your college tuition. Learn more about if you qualify for any scholarships and/or private loans based on eligibility.

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Got questions?

Whatever your question, the Office of Financial Aid at Humboldt is happy to answer. Just send us a message and we’ll be in touch!