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Implementation Charge

Budget, Finance and Reporting Working Group

Working Group Priorities

  • Oversee and manage the $433M and $25M in collaboration with the Chief of Staff and Provost
  • Lead all components of financial planning in collaboration with co-leads, President’s Administrative Team and campus stakeholders
  • Report to internal and external stakeholders
  • Collaborate with campus leaders to ensure alternative revenue streams are incorporated in polytechnic and institutional financial proformas.

Communications Working Group

Working Group Priorities

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for communications, marketing and branding of HSU which will:
    • Create a fresh energy that will attract new students, donors, and collaborators;
    • Position the University as a leading contributor to the regional economy and state workforce;
    • Position the University to build a reputation that increasingly attracts students and support from across the Western United States and beyond.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive internal communications strategy to ensure transparency and awareness of polytechnic implementation and planning across all working groups.
  • Develop and execute comprehensive engagement activities to cultivate a sense of pride and loyalty among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other supporters.
  • Develop content, talking points, marketing materials, and other deliverables for meetings and engagement activities with the Chancellor’s Office, Board of Trustees, and legislative representatives.
  • Develop and execute events aligned with key milestones of polytechnic planning and transformation.
  • Ensure we capture and archive all aspects of planning and implementation of this historic point in our instiution’s history.

Curriculum and Academic Programs Working Group

Working Group Priorities

  • Plan, develop and execute all components of launching the new academic programs outlined in the prospectus for launch of 2023 programs at minimum.
  • Be key partners in ensuring all appropriate information is submitted and approved to the Chancellor’s Office and appropriate accrediting agencies.
  • Serve as a collaborator and partner in recruitment to support the successful launch of the programs.
  • Incorporate where possible principles of TEK and/or sustainability.

Enrollment and Growth Management Working Group

Working Group Priorities

  • Develop a robust coordinated enrollment and growth strategy for recruiting, communicating with, retaining, and supporting students into new polytechnic degree programs and existing programs.
  • Identify guidelines and strategies to support the successful recruitment, hiring, and retention of employees at various scales of enrollment (faculty and staff).

Facilities Working Group

Working Group Priorities

  • Plan, design and build state-of-the-art academic, housing, and research facilities.
  • Acquire land to support existing or future needs of the institution’s polytechnic planning efforts.
  • Develop strategies to expand student and workforce housing.
  • Collaborate on the planning and execution of the physical re-branding of our campus.
  • Ensure city and county services support the infrastructure needs for the delivery of the projects and service to our campus community (i.e. transportation, paths).
  • Ensure community services (medical, educational, retail, etc) to support faculty, staff and student growth.
  • Collaborate with campus stakeholders (academic departments, research centers, student groups, community interest groups, agencies) on the renovations of academic spaces.
  • Lead and complete the campus master plan.
  • Integrate sustainability goals in all aspects of planning, physical building, and community.

Inclusive Student Success/GI 2025 Working Group

Working Group Priorities

  • Develop a comprehensive institutional strategy on academic success, retention, and degree completion which incorporates key components such as an institutional advising model, tutoring, learning communities, career services, and mentoring.
  • Include overarching goals and metrics with integrated assessment of impact and budgeting/resource allocation (GI2025 and beyond) as part of the plan.
  • Oversee collective impact and increase accountability for GI2025 targets.

Technology and Infrastructure Working Group

Working Group Priorities

  • Envision and plan for the comprehensive technology needs at a polytechnic university:
  • Develop a strategy for ensuring students and faculty have access to modern technology, including devices and tools, to support learning and teaching.
  • Develop strategies and approaches to support innovation, research, and external collaborations and partnerships.
  • Expand broadband speeds and wireless coverage for the campus and bring internet access to our placed-based learning locations to expand remote learning opportunities.
  • Expand research infrastructure and networking, enabling our researchers and students to process, store, and move large data sets.