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F (A-Z Index)


Department NameLocationPhone (707)Fax (707)

Facilities Management

Facilities Management826-3646826-5888

Facilities Management: Administration / Vehicle Reservations

Facilities Management826-3646826-5888

Facilities Management: Work Requests / Maintenance / Service

Facilities Management826-4475826-5888

Facility Rental


Faculty Center Help


Faculty Personnel Services: see Academic Personnel Services

Siemens Hall 212826-5086826-5483

Fall Preview (Admissions event)


Fickle Hill Observatory


Fifteen to Finish

Siemens Hall 217A826-3949826-6179


Theatre Arts 20826-3566 

Financial Aid

Student & Business Services 231826-4321826-5360
Financial ServicesStudent & Business Services 345826-3512826-3334

Fiscal Affairs: see Financial Services

Student & Business Services 345826-3521826-3334

Fisher, Kenneth L. Chair in Redwood Forest Ecology


Fisheries Biology

Wildlife & Fisheries 220826-3953826-4060

Fisheries Biology & Wildlife Management: Stockroom

Wildlife & Fisheries 168C826-3460826-4060

Fisheries Biology: Fish Collection

Wildlife & Fisheries 118826-3901 

Fisheries Biology: Hatchery

Fish Hatchery826-3445 

Food Services: See Dining Services


Food Sovereignty Lab


Forestry, Fire, & Rangeland Management

Forestry 205826-3935826-5634

Forever Humboldt

Humboldt Bay Aquatics Center
Eureka, CA

Forms - Humboldt Forms

HS 13826-5144 

Foster Youth (ELITE Scholars)

Brero House (ITEPP) 106826-5197 

Foundation, Cal Poly Humboldt

 Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
Eureka, CA


Foundation, Sponsored Programs

SBS 427826-4189826-4783

Fraternity/Sorority Life


French & Francophone Studies: see also World Languages and Cultures

BSSB 206826-3226826-3227