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Making College Happen

Local 10th graders discover new tools and resources to help prepare them for college and careers!

An Event Just for Local 10th Graders!

Designed for local 10th graders, Making College Happen intends to give participants important tools and resources to help prepare them for college and careers. Some students may have attended the 8th grade I’ve Been Admitted to College event, and this event is intentionally constructed to be the next step in the college-going process. Organized in partnership with the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE), Making College Happen is a series of three events open to 10th graders in Humboldt or Del Norte County


During this event, local 10th graders learn about the transfer path to Humboldt from community colleges as well as the direct to four-year college route. They are also introduced to the various majors offered at Humboldt. Participants explore their interests and how to connect majors and their interests to careers. A pizza lunch is provided along with a Clubs Fair, where students will learn more about the social, leadership, and community-building skills gained through these endeavors and why it is essential to be involved in similar activities in high school.


More information to come...

For more information about the Making College Happen events, please contact Sulaina Banks at