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Polytechnic Planning

A Message from the President

Cal Poly Humboldt will be a polytechnic for the 21st century, preparing students to address the urgent issues our society faces. The energy, the new academic programs, the incredible polytechnic foundation already in place, and the positive change associated with our new name and designation have begun for our campus community. At Humboldt, we have always “learned by doing.” There has never been a better time for students to be a part of Cal Poly Humboldt to achieve their dreams.

— Tom Jackson, Jr. , President

President Jackson portrait

Reimagining Polytechnic for the 21st Century

With the designation, Cal Poly Humboldt has an opportunity, and a responsibility, to reimagine what a polytechnic looks like for the 21st century. We will do so in a way that honors our values as a campus community, including our longstanding commitment to environmental and social responsibility. We can ensure that our technical and professional training are grounded in a broad liberal arts education. New programs will infuse ethics, science in service to society, equitable practices, traditional ecological knowledge, renewable technologies, and more. We can educate environmental and social problem solvers who are not limited by past conventions or a single way of knowing.

The campus will move quickly to offer 12 new degree programs by 2023 in areas like climate resiliency, wildfire management, mechanical engineering, and software engineering with a full buildout of depth and breadth across science, applied science, technology, and engineering through phased-in program development through 2029. These programs will not only distinguish us as a polytechnic institution, but will enhance our ability to support the state’s climate goals while being a model and leader for others across the country and globe.

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