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California Residency

California Residency for Tuition Purposes

CSU Chancellor's Office Residency Information

Residency Forms

Residency Questionnaire eForm

  • If you have a current application on file at Humboldt and you have been asked to provide additional information regarding your residency status, please send us this form.It will help us determine if you meet the California residency requirements. If you have not yet applied, do not fill out this form - answer the residency questions on the application itself.
  • If you are currently attending Humboldt and wish to ask for residence reclassification

Nonresident Tuition Exemption Form

Once you submit the Non-resident Tuition Exemption form, you will get a decision within 5 to 7 business days.


The California State University (CSU) Nonresident Tuition Exemption is available for certain nonresident students (including U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and undocumented individuals) who have attended, graduated, or achieved the equivalent from a California school. These students may be exempted from paying nonresident tuition but must remain classified as “nonresidents” for residence classification and financial aid eligibility purposes. The exemption originated with the passage of Assembly Bill 540, Assembly Bill 2000, and Senate Bill 68. For more information, please read the California State University Non-Resident Tuition Exemption (then have it go to the first 4 pages of the attached pdf)

  • Please note: If you qualify for this exemption, your nonresident tuition fee will be waived and you will pay California resident tuition fees; however, you will still be considered a nonresident for all other purposes—for example, you may not qualify for state/federal Financial Aid.
  • Aviso: Al ser aprobado, se le cobrará la matricula de residente de California, sin embargo, seguirá siendo considerado como no-residente de California para otros servicios estudiantiles por ejemplo, es posible que no calificará para Ayuda Financiera del gobierno.

Resources for undocumented Students.

Filing a Residency Appeal

Any student may submit an online appeal of their residence classification within 30 days, ONLY if certain criteria are met.

Learn About Appeals