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Local Admission Area

1. How has Cal Poly Humboldt defined its local admission area?

Humboldt Local Guarantee Admission Area includes public and private high school in the following regions:

Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and northern Mendocino Counties

2. Humboldt Local Admission Area includes high schools from one of the following counties or school districts:

Northern Humboldt, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna Union, Klamath-Trinity, Southern Humboldt, Fort Bragg, Leggett Valley, Laytonville, Round Valley, Willits, Del Norte, Sunset, and four school districts in Trinity: Mountain Valley, Southern Trinity, Trinity Alps and Trinity High School are considered our local admission area.

3. Who is a local admission area applicant?

Students who graduate from high school in Cal Poly Humboldt’s local Admissions area are considered local area applicants. They must have a minimum CSU eligibility index of a 2950 using the SAT Reasoning and Math Tests or a 694 using the ACT composite score.

4. Who is a non-local admission area applicant?

Students who graduate high school from a county or school district in California that are not identified above are considered outside of our local admission area.

Cal Poly Humboldt will have an increased eligibility index (from the traditional CSU minimum eligibility index of a 2950) for students outside of our local admission area. Applicants will be “rank ordered” by eligibility index. Admission offers will be made in descending order until the freshmen class is full. Humboldt will not know the final index cut off until we are able to review the characteristics of the entire applicant pool.

5. What is the admission eligibility index for local admission area applicants?

The CSU statewide eligibility index (EI) is the combination of the high school grade point average (GPA) and scores on either the ACT or the SAT. GPAs are based on grades earned in courses taken during the final three years of high school. Included in calculation of GPA are grades earned in all college preparatory (“a-g” subject requirements) and bonus points for approved honors courses. Up to eight semesters of honors courses taken in the last three years of high school, including up to two approved courses taken in the tenth grade can be accepted. Each unit of A in an honors course will receive a total of 5 points; B, 4 points; and C, 3 points.

CSU Eligibility Index is calculated using the formula below:

EI using SAT scores = GPA x 800 + SAT Total (mathematics and critical reading scores)
EI using ACT scores = GPA x 200 + (10 x ACT composite score)

6. What are the admission eligibility requirements for non-local admission area applicants?

Out of Local Area Eligibility Index:

The eligibility index for the Out of Local Area is set based on the application pool for the term. The minimum qualifying index for applicants outside of the local area will vary depending on the number of qualified applicants received at the end of the priority application filing period and enrollment limits.

Out-of-state/non-resident students:

  • Persons who neither graduated from a California high school nor are a resident of California for tuition purposes, need a minimum index of 3570 (SAT) or 842 (ACT).
  • Applicants that have a grade point average of 3.61 are not required to submit test scores, however all applicants are urged to take the SAT or ACT tests.
  • The minimum GPA to qualify for admission is a 2.45.

7. Is there any Special Consideration for admission?

A small percentage of the freshman class may be admitted based on an eligibility index and additional characteristics including special talents, first generation college status, socioeconomic factors, and indications of overcoming educational obstacles.

8. Is there impaction at the freshman level?

Cal Poly Humboldt is an impacted campus at the freshman level and will use supplemental admissions criteria. Freshmen applicants to Impacted Programs have additional criteria.

Humboldt Local Admission for Transfers

Cal Poly Humboldt does not give preference to applicants in a Local Admissions Area.
Admissions criteria follow standard CSU transfer requirements, plus additional courses being required for applicants in the Impacted Programs.