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C (A-Z Index)


Department NameLocationPhone (707)Fax (707) 

Calendars and Events


California Center for Rural Policy (CCRP)

House 71826-3400826-3403 

California Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

Wildlife & Fisheries 212826-3268826-3269 

California Environmental Legacy Project

Science A room 358826-5552826-3201 
California Faculty AssociationSiemens Hall Room 003826-3340  

California State University Employee Union (CSUEU)

Siemens Hall 003   

Campaign - See Boldly Rising Campaign


Campus Disability Resource Center

 Library 005




Campus Emergency Response Team


Campus Recreation

Recreation & Wellness Center826-3357826-3354 

Campus Resilience and Response

Student and Business Services Room #311826-4635826-3312 

Campus Status and Emergency Conditions


Cannabis Studies

BSS Room 518826-3139826-3139 


LIB 311826-4460  

Canvas Support

LIB 311826-4460  

Career Development Center

NHE 118826-3341826-5473 

CARES Reporting


Cashiers Office: see Student Financial Services

Student & Business Services 285826-6789826-5280 



Catering Services

Jolly Giant Commons826-5311826-5315 

CCAT - Campus Center for Appropriate Technology

Buck House826-3551  

Center Activities (Outdoor Adventures)

Recreation & Wellness Center826-3357826-3354 

Center for Community Based Learning

Library 26826-4963  

Center for Educational Excellence, Collaboration and Inquiry


Center for International Programs

SBS 211B826-4142826-3939 

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Library 315B826-4461  


 Gustwurrak Student Activities Center, Room 248


Centers and Institutes


Central Events

Student & Business Services 311826-3512826-3312 

Chancellor's Office, CSU



RWC 122A826-5235  


Science-A 470826-3277826-3279 

Child Development

Harry Griffith Hall 229826-3471826-4270 

Child Development: Lab

Child Development Lab826-3475826-4270 

Children's Center

 Trinity Annex


Children's Center: Preschool Care

 Trinity Annex


Children's Center: Toddler Care

 Trinity Annex


Clubs & Organizations

 Gustwurrak Student Activities Center, 238


CNRS Core Research Facility

Science B 230826.3272  
Coastal Ocean Currents Monitoring Program (COCMP)The Marine Lab826-5827826-3682 

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Gist Hall 210826-4491826-4498 

College of Extended Education & Global Engagement

Student & Business Services 211826-3731826-5885 

College of Natural Resources and Sciences

Forestry 101826-3256826-3562 

College of Professional Studies

Gist Hall 214826-3961826-3963 

Comida (La Comida nos Une)


Commencement (Graduation Ceremony)

 Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center 214



Telonicher House 101826-3261826-5419 

Community Relations: see Public Affairs

 Nelson Hall West 104





Computer Science

BSSB 320826-3143826-3833 

Computing & Telecommunications Services: see Information Technology Services

Van Matre Hall 200826-3815826-6100 

Conference & Event Services


Coral Sea Research Vessel


Counseling & Psychological Services

Health Center826-3236826-5735 

Course Evaluations by Students


Criminology and Justice Studies

BSS 506826-3139826-4418 

Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (CRGS)

BSSB 206826-4329826-4320 

Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence

Nelson Hall East 215826-4589826-3363 

Cultural Resources Facility

BSS 124826-5247826-4336 

Curriculum Committee, Integrated

Siemens Hall 217A826-3949826-5480