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Return to Humboldt

Once you're part of Cal Poly Humboldt, you're part of something special.

If you’ve been away for a couple years or several years, we have options to help you return and  continue your educational journey.

Who is a returning student?

You are considered a returning student if you previously attended Cal Poly Humboldt and wish to return to complete your undergraduate degree after an absence of two or more semesters.

Current student? If you are returning on time (per the terms of your educational leave) you are considered a current student. Contact if you have problems registering for classes.

How to return to Humboldt!

The process is slightly different depending on your academic standing and how long you’ve been away from Humboldt, but the first step is the same for all returning students. Use the form below to tell us you want to return.

Request to Return Form

After we  review your records, we’ll send information about your eligibility and the steps you need to take to return to Humboldt. Check your email

Request to return deadlines

  • November 15 for spring semester
  • July 15 for fall semester


You may be eligible to return to Cal Poly Humboldt without re-applying to the university if you meet the following criteria.


  • You are an undergraduate student returning after being away two years or less 
  • Your are returning to complete a bachelor's degree or a post-baccalaureate student pursuing a second bachelor’s degree, and
  • You have completed at least one semester at Cal Poly Humboldt*
  •  You were in good academic standing or on academic notice when you last attended Cal Poly Humboldt.

* If you were admitted, but did not attend that first semester you are not considered a returning student.

Gone more than two years 

We will process the bachelor’s degree reapplication on your behalf, so you don't have to pay the CSU application fee again. You will need to go through the standard admissions timeline and meet eligibility criteria below.

  • be in good standing at the last institution you attended if other than Humboldt.
  • Additional eligibility criteria may be required for an Impacted major.

Left with academic difficulties?

If you were academically disqualified from Cal Poly Humboldt, you may be eligible to petition for reinstatement after you have been away for the required timeframe. Learn more about this process at Disqualification & Reinstatement.

Finish something other than a bachelor's degree?

If you are returning to finish a master’s degree, teaching credential or post-baccalaureate certificate of study program, contact to inquire about your specific situation. A new application will generally be required.