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Being undeclared gives you the opportunity to explore the academic, career, and personal interests you have while working to identify the best major for you. As an Undeclared student, you will have an advisor assigned from the Academic & Career Advising Center (ACAC) until you have declared a major. Whether you are narrowing down your many interests, deciding between a few main interests, or discovering your interests, you will be guided, encouraged, and supported through your exploration.

Why this Program

Where You Learn

The North Coast provides a unique learning lab for students — connecting their education to practical experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.

Future Careers

Passion and creativity enhance our community and fuel careers of meaning.

Caring Community

Our campus provides a sense of care, support and belonging, and better prepares students to approach their chosen fields through a lens of social justice.

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Did you Know?

13% of Humboldt freshmen start Undeclared

Nationally, approximately 35% of students enter college “undecided” about their major

Nationally, 75% of students change their major before graduation

Students who are open to change their major are more likely to graduate than those who stay committed to their original choice

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Ready to find what
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