Infrastructure Projects

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With the generous infusion of state support—$433 million of one-time funding and $25 million in ongoing base support—Cal Poly Humboldt can increase enrollment by 50% in three years and double enrollment within seven years. Specifically, $25 million has been allocated to: the launch of 12 new academic programs by 2023; covering expenses related to faculty hires, specialty accreditation, and student support services; efforts related to communications, marketing, and branding and student recruitment and retention.

Additionally, $433 million will go toward improving the technology and broadband support which is vital to our rural campus, toward lab and classroom renovations, equipment modernization, and infrastructure for mixed-use space for housing and other basic needs, academic instruction, and the support of students’ success.

Academic Projects Project Cost
Engineering & Technology - Learning Community Bldg. (250 beds) $135 million
Existing Building and Lab Renovations $36.3 million
Microgrid and Sustainability Building $24 million
Eureka Research Lab - Marine Facilities $21 million

Other Academic Projects

  • Advanced Campus Science Network
  • Updating Faculty and Student Computing Facilities
  • Expanding Access to Wireless Networking
  • Research and Teaching Laboratory Moderation
$11.5 million
Engineering & Technology - Learning Community Building sketch

Engineering & Technology— Learning Community Building: A new 90,000 square-foot building and adjacent 250-bed residence building located on the campus events field. It will include academic departments, lecture halls, labs, offices, student space, communal space, conference space, and other student experience space. Total project budget $135 million, planned opening August, 2025.

Existing Building and Lab Renovations: These improvements will bring many of our critical academic facilities up to contemporary standards. The projects will help support growth and strategic movement/relocation of programs and departments. The initiative will be foundational in developing our existing programs and setting the stage for our new programs. Specifically, this strategy will address space inefficiencies and outdated labs in Science A and  C buildings and Alistair McCrone Hall. Total project budget $36.3 million in Cal Poly funding with additional funding through $25 million in ongoing support from the state.

Microgrid and Sustainability Building

Microgrid and Sustainability Building: A new 25,000 square-foot building located on the south edge of campus. It will include spaces dedicated for  academic departments, lab research, offices, conferences, and students, plus a common area. The building will primarily serve as a testing facility for energy systems and give a home for Sustainability on campus. Total project budget $24 million, planned opening January, 2025. 

Eureka Research Lab (Offshore wind lab)—Marine Facilities: Investment in our offsite marine facilities including the Telonicher Marine Lab, the University’s marine research vessel,the Coral Sea,and a new Eureka Research Lab.  Total project budget $15 million  for the Eureka Lab and $6 million  for the R/V Coral Sea. 

Non-Academic Projects Project Cost
Craftsman Student Housing (800 beds, 350 parking stalls) $150 million
Library Circle Student Housing, Health Center, Dining and Parking Facility (650 beds, 500 parking stalls) $175 million
Campus Apartments Housing and Parking Facility (600-700 beds, 650 parking stalls) $110 million
Land Acquisitions $11.7 million
Technology and Communications
  • D299 Pipe to I-5 Corridor
  • Broadband Deployment: Project Echo-Singapore Clean Data
  • Fiber Deployment to Trinidad Marine Research Center
$8.5 million
Craftsmen Student Housing

Craftsman Student Housing:  A four-building complex consisting of 800 beds and connected by courtyard and surrounded with 350 parking stalls and other intermodal support. There will also be separate family housing on site. The project will resemble prior planning for infill housing at the site. The complex will also include other common program space such as study areas, a small convenience store, an open common area for gathering, and meeting spaces. Total project budget $150 million. Planned opening December, 2024.

Library Circle Student Housing, Health, & Dining Building and Parking Structure

Library Circle Student Housing, Health, & Dining Building and Parking Structure: The project would build approximately 200,000 GSF at the northwest corner of Library Circle and LK Wood Boulevard. The building will contain a new health center and expanded dining services with 650-bed residential complexes above. The project will also construct a new parking structure located north of the project along Granite Ave.  Total project budget $175 million. Planned opening August, 2026.

Campus Apartments Student Housing and Parking Structure

Campus Apartments Student Housing and Parking Structure: The project will construct a building complex consisting of 600-700 beds total that will be built in relation to a new 650-stall parking structure. The project will have additional site amenities for housing and gathering spaces. Total project budget $110 million, Planned opening December, 2027.

Map of Infrastructure Projects