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Northern California’s first Polytechnic University—rising to meet the 21st century

You knew us before as Humboldt State University. But on January 26, 2022 we became Cal Poly Humboldt, California’s third polytechnic and the first in Northern California.

The big thing to know is that with more resources to build high-demand programs and expand hands-on learning opportunities, we can better prepare our students to solve the challenges of our time. We will address workforce shortages in STEM; revitalize the North Coast economy; close equity gaps in higher education; and provide solutions to the complex social and environmental issues California faces today. Our students and the education they receive at Cal Poly Humboldt will have a long and lasting impact on our communities, the region, and the world.

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What does this mean for Cal Poly Humboldt?

With California’s historic $458 million investment in our polytechnic vision and approval of our polytechnic designation from California State University, Cal Poly Humboldt will add a total 27 new academic and experiential programs by 2029, with 12 launching in 2023. That will be a nice warm-up for what comes next: greater investments over the coming decade to fuel a truly modern polytechnic education in Northern California.

With our core that combines the liberal arts with creative interdisciplinary approaches to solving real problems facing our society, Cal Poly Humboldt will inspire a new generation of thinkers and doers to transform California for the better.

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What does it mean for our students?

As Humboldt State University, we valued the role of experience in higher education, equipping our students with the practical knowledge they need to succeed in a complex world.

As Cal Poly Humboldt, that doesn’t change. In fact, opportunities for students will only expand. Thanks to California’s confidence in our approach and its historic investment in our future, students at Cal Poly Humboldt will now have more access than ever to practical experiences, from out-of-class research to on-the-job learning.

For students now, you’ll have even more classes and experiences to choose from. For alumni, the value of your degree will keep growing stronger alongside our success. And for all of us together, we’ll gain a new Cal Poly community to lean on — and give back to — from here on out.

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Still have questions about the vision and process?

We understand completely. This transition is new for all of us, and it won’t happen overnight. In the meantime, everything we know now about our polytechnic future can be found on this site. Find answers to some of our community’s most common questions below.

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The Process (Part One):
Evaluating our Strengths

Becoming a polytechnic university required that we take an in-depth and honest look at our strengths and aspirations. Our community worked together on a comprehensive self-study, conducted with critical input and collaboration from staff, faculty, students, alumni, and stakeholders.

The Process (Part Two):
Implementing the Plan

After the self-study process was completed and the polytechnic prospectus was submitted to the CSU Board of Trustees, an unprecedented effort began. Working groups were charged with implementing the University’s polytechnic vision with bold, innovative, and forward-looking plans.

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