Majors & Programs

Child Development & Family Relationships

Degrees Offered: BA Minor

Child Development and Family Relationships Major prepares individuals to make a difference in the lives of children and families. Course work and practical experiences help students interpret and integrate the ever-growing body of knowledge about children and their environments. Special attention is given to examining the implications of theories, research, and policies.

The program is uniquely designed to provide flexibility for both transfer and non-transfer students. Students take a set of core courses that cover principles, theories, and practices for working with children, from conception through adolescence, and their families. After completing the core classes, students work with their advisors to create individualized programs that support their interests and professional development and provide a strong foundation for continued education.

The program is distinctive in that:

  • Core courses, which all students take, provide a comprehensive integration of knowledge about children’s development, family relations, and the processes of learning and socialization.
  • Classes bring together students who will work as professionals in different roles providing the opportunity to learn collaboration skills.
  • On- and off-campus experiences provide opportunities for students to work with children in supportive environments; they receive feedback and engage in reflections on their experiences preparing for a variety of professional roles.
  • Course work beyond the core specifically addresses students' identified educational and professional goals.
  • Instruction includes many practical activities, collaborative and individualized projects, use of technology, opportunities for service learning, observations of and interactions with children, and interactive learning in the college classroom.
  • Faculty members work closely with students, involving them in professional activities and providing regular meetings for advising and consultation.
  • Our program is specifically designed to help students connect with peers in the department and related departments, the faculty, the campus and the local community.