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German Studies

Degrees Offered: Minor

The German Studies Program offers unique opportunities for students in the language and cultures areas. We offer a minor in German Studies which is both dynamic and student-centered. Professors focus on making it possible for each individual student to learn the language well and thus to live and study in a German-speaking country. Classes are taught in German and focus on communication, both spoken and written. The German studies aspect of advanced courses makes students familiar with both past and present situations in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In addition to the CSUInternational Programs, students also may take part in the semester or yearlong exchange with Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany. The Martin Luther program has a stipend so be sure to ask about studying in Germany with a scholarship. Many of our students are presently in Germany or in graduate programs in fields such as language teaching or international studies.

BSSB 206

Degrees & Requirements