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Pathways for Native American Students

Start Your Journey

Your college experience will change the path of your life, and the life of your family. It will open up opportunities you can’t imagine.

That’s why it’s so important you choose a university that values you and your ideas, and cares about your heritage. It should be a university committed to your potential, and to helping you make a real difference for your community.

Enrich Your Heritage, Shape Your Future

Cal Poly Humboldt is focused on being just that kind of place. We guide Native students from the time they’re considering college to the day they graduate. We help them find internships, get into graduate school, start careers and more—and then we often stay in touch as they move on. We’re proud of that commitment.

Our approach is simple — it’s all about support and mentoring. We help you get connected on campus and adjusted to college life. We make sure you have access to counseling, tutoring and peer groups to help you excel academically.

Of course, you’ll need to do your part. College courses are challenging and time-consuming, and the demands on your time mean you’ll need to be well-organized. The important thing is, you’ll have help.

And we’re located in the heart of Redwood Country, which has many vibrant and culturally active tribes. That means help doesn’t only come from the campus and other students. Instead, our location allows nearby tribal communities to be involved in the success of Native students.

At Humboldt State University, you’ll find a community of cultural support.

Students in River

Indian Natural Resources, Science & Engineering Program (INRSEP)

Our Indian Natural Resources, Science & Engineering Program (INRSEP) serves Native students majoring in the sciences and related disciplines. The program has been successful in placing nearly all of its students in graduate programs or career-related positions in private industry as well as federal, state, tribal, and non-profit agencies.

Luisa Segovia; LSAMP Summer research experience

Indian Tribal Education & Personnel Program (ITEPP)

Our Indian Tribal Education & Personnel Program supports the professional development of Native students in an expanding array of careers. These range from the arts and social sciences to journalism, Native American studies, social work and business, as well as all majors related to teaching.

Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence—ITEEP

HSU is not only near my home and my family, but my major will really benefit my community.

Victoria Carlson, Environmental Resources Engineering Yurok Tribe
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Native American Studies (NAS)

Humboldt State's major in Native American Studies is unique in the 23-campus California State University system. It provides in-depth knowledge of Native American perspectives in a variety of career paths, including tribal law and government, natural resources and the environment, language and literature and a variety of social sciences.


Earn you BASW & MSW in Social Work

The Department of Social Work maintains an emphasis on working with Indigenous and Rural Communities. Coursework is designed to decolonize mainstream social work education practices by building reciprocal and dynamic relationships, and to support people who are rooted in their communities.

Their rigorous programs are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and have options to meet your needs in advancing your current career, making a transition, or adding a degree to amplify your voice to better serve the community you call home

Native American Graduate

Humboldt Library Collections on North American Indians

Found in the Humboldt Room of the Library and the ITEPP Resource Center, Humboldt's collections on North American Indians serve as a major resource for the Northern California community, as well as for students and scholars engaged in research on Northwest California Indian subjects.

Historic photo form Library collection

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

EOP was created to increase access and improve retention of low-income and historically underrepresented students in higher education. The program provides admissions, academic and financial assistance to eligible California residents.

Eop event

California Big Time & Social Gathering

Humboldt State students organize this annual public event to give the tribal community the opportunity for cultural sharing, networking, educating and creating a space that honors and supports Native students on the HSU campus.

Big time participants

American Indian College Motivation Day

Each November, Humboldt State hosts this special event for hundreds of high school students. One highlight is instant admissions to HSU for qualified students. There are also campus tours, workshops about college life and a college fair featuring colleges from throughout the Western United States. 

American Indian College Motivation Day attendees