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Educators for Social Justice

Engage the future, redefine what’s possible

Educators for Social Justice (E4SJ) is an educational community created for freshmen majoring in Liberal Studies Elementary Education and Child Development. As a participant in E4SJ, you’ll gain a network of peers, faculty, and staff that supports you academically, develops you professionally, and connects you to resources for educators.

This program is for students majoring in Liberal Studies Elementary Education (LSEE) and Child Development.

At Humboldt, we learn in and from the environment around us.

  • Experiential Learning

    Founded as a teacher’s college in 1913, Cal Poly Humboldt continues its commitment to fostering the educators of tomorrow. Experience teaching with children and in local k-12 schools is a hallmark of our undergraduate, graduate, and credential programs, which are led by faculty who are dedicated to teaching and mentoring students.

  • Instant Connections and All Around Support

    Be part of a diverse and multi-faceted cohort of first-year students, supported by other students, a team of transformational education professors, writing tutors, peer mentors, and bilingual staff.

  • Classes That Count

    Enroll in program-specific sections of major and general education courses. These courses will demonstrate the link between the three engineering majors as well as relate them to the place where you are choosing to live and study for the next four years.

The Specialized Experiences that Make up Educators for Social Justice

Join a community of first-year students who are engaged and excited about studying education and child development and applying their knowledge and experience to the real world. 

You will meet your E4SJ community, learn more about your cohort classes, and explore the local area.

Take classes that help you prepare for teaching, empower you to advocate for education, and imagine radically caring learning environments.

Explore how your future career as a teacher can engage the future of social justice and redefine what is possible in the classroom.

Get connected with trained tutors, who are part of your E4SJ network, to help you be successful in your writing and reading assignments.

Student teacher with students

Guided Enrollment

As part of guided enrollment, PBLC students have the opportunity to enroll into a deliberate selection of courses based on their PBLC. Guided Enrollment alleviates the pressure of finding spaces in courses and will set students on the best path to graduation.

  • Fall Courses for Educators for Social Justice

    Students in Educators for Social Justice will have the opportunity to enroll in:

    • HIST 110 (United States History to 1877)
    • LSEE 101 or CD 209 (Foundations of Education or Middle Childhood Development)
    • ES 105, ES 106, or ES 107 (Introduction to U.S. Ethnic Studies, Introduction to Black Studies, or Chican@/Latinx Lives)
    • COMM 100, ENGL 102, or ENGL 104 (Fundamentals of Speech or Composition and Rhetoric)

    These courses are selected in collaboration with the Educators for Social Justice faculty team and are relevant to Educators for Social Justice specific programming.

  • Spring Courses for Educators for Social Justice

    The courses students enroll in for spring semester will depend on what students enrolled in for fall semester. Students in Educators for Social Justice will have the opportunity to enroll in:

    • LSEE 211 or CD 211 (Developmental Literacy or Perspectives: Professional Development)
    • MATH (dependent on preparedness)

    Students will work with their advisor to fill out the rest of their spring schedule.

Meet the Faculty Coordinator

Sara Sterner
(707) 826-5946

Sara Sterner