Majors & Programs

Child Development/ Elementary Education (Liberal Studies)

Degrees Offered: BA

The Liberal Studies B.A. with a concentration in Child Development/ Elementary Education is designed for students who wish to become elementary school teachers in grades K-6. Students take courses in traditional disciplines taught in elementary schools alongside courses focusing on developmental characteristics of children. Students begin working directly with children in their sophomore year and continue with progressively more responsibility for instructional practices throughout the program. All students start out in the non-integrated concentration and may be admitted to the integrated credential concentration in their junior or senior year if they meet all admission requirements.

The Child Development/Elementary Education ITEP concentration allows students to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies and a Preliminary Special Education Credential in four years. This unique program is a collaboration between the Department of Child Development and the Special Education Credential program in the School of Education. The total program is 135 units, 15 more than the bachelor’s degree only concentration, but it is specifically designed to be completed in four years. 

The Child Development/Elementary Education concentration has several distinct features including:

  • a focus on the developmental characteristics of children
  • how the classroom, school, home, and community impact the child and the learning process
  • courses that explore different philosophies of education, but emphasize those that see children as active learners
  • career exploration to help students clarify their professional goals
  • multiple supervised classroom experiences
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Degrees & Requirements

Major Concentrations

  • Child Development/Elementary Education
  • Child Development/Elementary Education (ITEP)

Major Academic Plans