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Degrees Offered: BA Minor

When you think “geography,” what comes to mind? Maps? State capitals? Sure, maps are an important part of the geographer’s toolkit, but we’ll show you how they’re only the beginning. In our challenging program you’ll receive a broad foundation in physical and human geography, plus you can customize your degree by choosing a related minor field of study such as history, economics, journalism, scientific diving or GIS. You’ll also develop professional skills in writing, research, presentations and the latest technologies that include geographic information systems, remote sensing and, yes, mapping of all kinds.

Our award-winning faculty are renowned for innovative teaching that starts with an interest in you as an individual. But you won’t just see them at the head of the classroom. You’ll work alongside them in research, at conferences and on field trips. You’ll learn just as much from your fellow students, too, who share their love of geography and adventure in class, in the lab, on trips and through our active student association, the Humboldt Geographic Society.

When you study Geography at Cal Poly Humboldt, you’re part of something bigger. A community of passionate teachers and students. A time-honored profession. A world of people and problems in need of solutions. Working in two state-of-the-art labs, you explore humankind’s ever-changing relationship to the environment. Then you use what you know out in the field, undertaking important research topics that interest you—like global warming, deforestation, ethnic conflict, urban planning and much more—in places that inspire you, from Northern California to Tibet.

But innovative teaching, hands-on learning and unforgettable field study are just a few of the reasons our program stands out. Our professional-minded students also attend regional and national conferences each year, where their projects earn major awards and the respect of their fellow geographers. And we’re known far and wide for preparing students for success in graduate school and on the job.

Do you care about the planet and its people beyond your daily routine? Are you feeling adventurous, with a desire to work outside the typical office setting? See how geography at Cal Poly Humboldt can open up a whole world of possibilities.

The major in geography at Humboldt analyzes physical and cultural patterns and processes as they occur at both local and regional levels. The program covers a wide variety of interests and provides for individual specialization. The major requires 36-40 units and a related minor. This allows geography students to make full use of the extensive resources of other disciplines on campus. On average, 40 majors graduate each year.

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