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Educational Leadership (Administrative Services Credential)

Cal Poly Humboldt’s Educational Leadership Program (EDL) is designed for teacher leaders interested in improving education locally as well as globally. The EDL Program will enhance educators’ skills and knowledge base while preparing them to lead the way towards school improvement and increased student performance. This cohort model is designed to accommodate the schedules of busy educators through a blend of classroom, online, and video-conferencing instruction.

Why this Program

Classroom Immersion

Being able to apply what you learn in the classroom to a school classroom is a hallmark of an Humboldt Education degree.

Social Responsibility

Addressing the array of backgrounds, needs, and abilities of today’s youth, our program is built on a foundation of equity and social justice.

Close-knit Community

Start and end the program with the same group of students. That means seeing familiar faces, and building a sense of belonging and community.

Student teachers

Academics & Options

Candidates who wish to earn their California Administrative Services Preliminary Credential will also complete elementary or secondary fieldwork as required by California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)

Did you know?

Every teacher credential program requires 600+ hours of field experience.

You’ll learn how to approach teaching that is culturally responsive and design instruction that brings in the diverse knowledge, experiences, and learning abilities of students in local communities.

You will develop lesson plans and unit plans that actively engage K-12 students to create environments where students create their own knowledge.

Student teachers


You can convey information clearly, present and speak in public, ask probing questions, and engage learners in a meaningful, equitable way. Your Education certificate will help you develop the knowledge and skills that are critical for your next step in life.

  • School Administrator
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Public Policy Analyst
  • Family or Child Advocate
  • Adolescent Activity Specialist
  • Researcher

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