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Journalism, B.A.

Designed to prepare students for a career in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, or related fields, the Journalism program provides an understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and role of the mass media as well as contemporary media issues in race, gender, equity, law, and ethics. Students learn to think critically and challenge societal norms and narratives. Classes are small, and faculty have major media experience and strong ties to media professionals. Students can gain hands-on experience and build their portfolios by creating content for student publications and a student-run radio station.

Why this program

Faculty with significant media experience, successful alumni, and the department’s strong ties to media professionals help students land jobs and internships.

Produce multimedia, podcasts, videos, photos, graphic designs, web pages, advertisements, and more in hands-on skills classes.

Create content for your portfolio at student publications and/or the student-run radio station that can is often used to land local and national jobs in the media and communications industry.

Journalism student

Program Concentrations

These courses focus on the context of media that include audience research, ethics and news coverage, media law, and how culture—through social class, race, gender, identity—is shaped by media.

Media Studies Requirements

Includes courses in reporting, interviewing, and writing news stories as well as photojournalism, video and podcast production, media management, and entrepreneurship.

News Requirements

Includes public relations courses and internship opportunities that help local organizations promote their profile.

Public Relations Requirements

Did you know?

As early as freshman year, students begin producing content for our consistently award-winning student media outlets The Lumberjack, El Leñador, Osprey magazine and KRFH radio station.

The Journalism Club provides an opportunity for students to collaborate with peers, plan activities and events, and attend conferences.

The department awards scholarships to outstanding students every year at the Journalism and Mass Communication Spring Banquet.

Journalism students


The Journalism program prepares students to work professionally in media, public relations, and advertising, start their own businesses, or go to graduate or law school.

  • Advertising director
  • Attorney
  • Broadcast news director
  • Radio/Podcast producer and reporter
  • Communications director
  • Editor
  • Web content editor
  • Graphic designer
  • Photographer
  • Press officer
  • Social media manager
  • TV news anchor
  • Web designer
Journalism students

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