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Petition for Reinstatement Instructions

Meet with an ACAC or EOP advisor.

Schedule a meeting with an advisor in the Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC) or the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). 

Create a three-semester plan. Work with an advisor to create a three-semester plan in DARS planner. There is a 12-unit limit for your first semester back. Download a copy of your DARS plan to add to your petition.

Draft petition answers and prepare documentation

Read the questions and prompts before you begin writing

The questions and prompts will help you think about each topic and write an in-depth response. You have up to 3,000 characters including spaces (approximately 500 words) for each answer, but you do not need to reach the character limit.

Write your draft

Write your answers in Google Docs or another word processing program, so later you can copy/paste them into the online petition. Remember to use a professional writing style and review your document for errors.

Share your draft with an advisor

Review your answers with an advisor to be sure you have thoroughly answered each question

Petition questions, prompts and resources

  1. Briefly explain the circumstances that led to your disqualification and be sure to include the semester(s) you were on academic notice (previously called probation). Describe how these circumstances have changed and the steps you took to change them during your time off from Humboldt. If these circumstances persist, how do you plan to overcome these barriers?
         Academic Recovery and Resilience
  2. Why is it important that you return to Cal Poly Humboldt? Briefly describe why you have chosen your planned major and discuss some of your short-term career goals with your bachelor’s degree.
         Research Careers
         What can I do with this major?
  3. Discuss the academic plan that you have developed for your return including the courses you intend to take and any courses that you will repeat. Include a copy of your 3-semester plan with your documentation. Briefly describe who you have worked with in your major department and/or any other academic or career advising you’ve received.
         Academic Planning
         DARS Planning Tools
  4. What additional changes do you plan to implement upon returning to Cal Poly Humboldt? Specifically, what time management strategies, study techniques, or success strategies do you intend to use?
         Academic Success Strategies 
         Learning Resources
  5. Describe any support services you have used in the past. Which support services do you intend to use upon your return and how do you plan to use them?
         Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence
         Learning Center
  6. What is your plan for financial stability? Have you communicated with the Financial Aid office or other financial supports to determine how you will cover the costs of attendance upon your return? If you intend to work while attending school, what is your planned schedule or strategy for school/work balance? 
         Financial Aid (707) 826-4321 or
  7. Is there anything else you'd like to share with the committee reviewing your petition?

Request a letter of support (optional)

The best person to contact for a letter of support is your major advisor. If this is not possible, re-quest a letter from a professor who knows your academic ability. Their letter should address your capacity to be successful in your major at Cal Poly Humboldt.