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Questica Resources and Information

What is Questica?

Questica is a comprehensive web-based budgeting tool that will enable Humboldt to address key budgeting and planning needs, interface directly with the PeopleSoft Finance, HR and Student systems, and eliminate the need for duplicative and parallel recordkeeping. University Budget Office staff has implemented many aspects of the Operating (budgets, budget transfers, projection, etc.) and Salaries (position management) Modules and are continuing to build out the tool to further support institutional initiatives. Questica is maintained and administered by the University Budget Office. Typical users will be Divisional, MBU & Departmental Budget Coordinators and Analysts.


Questica Website -

  • Single sign-on enabled which means logging into MyHumboldt also logs you into Questica

QuesticaHelp Website -

  • To create an account click Sign in on the top right followed by Sign up in the pop-up window. Next, enter your full name and email address. Lastly, verify your email address in the welcome email sent to your inbox and sign in.


Questica Business Process Guide (BPG) - Under Development

 Additional Resources