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Creando Raíces

Join Cal Poly Humboldt’s movement for Ethnic Studies!

Creando Raíces is an exciting learning community at Cal Poly Humboldt dedicated to exploring community organizing, education, and Ethnic Studies. Students will get the chance to participate in activities that highlight all the various issues related to Ethnic Studies and connect with local community organizations dedicated to social justice. 

This program is for students majoring in Kinesiology, Social Work, and Psychology.

At Humboldt, we strive for social and ecological improvement, demonstrated in our personal passions and the professions that we pursue

  • Instant connections

    Be part of a cohort of first-year students who are exploring how their values, academic preparation, and communities connect.

  • Social Justice Engagement

    Explore how your values can change the world through hands-on, volunteer experiences in the local community.

  • All Around Support

    This includes other students who are learning the same concepts, a team of professors who are actively committed to social justice movements, dedicated writing tutors, peer mentors, and bilingual staff.

The Specialized Experiences that Make up Creando Raíces 

Participate in an immersive experience for a day and a half before classes begin. You will meet your Creando Raíces community,  learn more about your cohort classes and explore the local area. 

You’ll take “Creando Raíces 101”, a class that engages you with campus resources, develops your confidence to become a community builder, and explores your goals as a future professional.   

Get connected with specially trained writing consultants, who are part of your Creando Raíces network, to help you be successful in your writing and reading assignments.

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Meet the Faculty Coordinator

Nancy Perez (she/her/ella)
(707) 826-5946

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Connecting CouRaGeouS Cuentos

What is CouRaGeouS Cuentos?

Part of being in Creando Raices means you have the opportunity to either publish in the journal or support the editing and celebration of your cohort's volume. Become a published author in your first year of college!

This journal is a publication by the Department of Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (CRGS) at Cal Poly Humboldt with submissions of creative writing works by students in the Ethnic Studies 107: Chican@ / Latin@ Lives and Ethnic Studies 480: Growing Up Chicana/Latino classes.

Previous Volumes

Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3      Volume 4

CRGS students on balcony

Community Organization Partners

We partner with several community organizations to educate and inspire our students and community!

Social Work students