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International Studies, B.A.

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that brings together the strengths of faculty from across the university to examine the major issues of the contemporary world, combined with language skills and a study abroad experience.

The world’s biggest challenges are intercon­nected and the International Studies program helps students remain rooted in the community while becoming agents of change in the world.

Why this program

Study the world

An International Studies degree means you learn from the entire University and gain an interdisciplinary education from people who tackle real-world, global issues.

See the world

Humboldt is one of the few places you will be able to make study abroad count towards your degree.

Speak to the world

Learning intercultural skills and additional languages are a key component of International Studies and employers seek people with those skills.

Intl Studies students

Regional Concentrations

This concentration provides knowledge and direct experience of Chinese culture and society. It is appropriate for those whose future plans will require considerable cultural competency.

Chinese Studies Requirements

This concentration with an emphasis in either France, Germany, Spain, or a combination, provides language and cultural skills necessary to work in European history, politics, culture, and economy. An emphasis on language acquisition and time spent abroad give students direct experience with the societies of Europe.

European Studies Requirements

This concentration enables students to explore diverse areas of study related to the region, including anthropology, economics, film, geography, history, language, literature, music, politics, and popular cultures. This concentration also provides a basic foundation for graduate work in Latin American Studies.

Latin American Studies Requirements

Issue Concentrations

This concentration focuses on cross-disciplinary exploration of issues pertinent to developing countries. This concentration will appeal to students interested in careers with governmental and nongovernmental organizations engaged in development. Humboldt and the International Studies Program is one of the largest feeders to the Peace Corps for schools of our size and this concentration often provides useful preparation.

Development Studies Requrements

This concentration focuses on the diverse forms of transnational cultural production (musical, literary, filmic, artistic) that characterize the modern era. Students study the historical relationship between culture and imperialism, the forging of new national cultures in the post-colonial Global South, the emergence of border and diaspora cultures, and the many other forms of culture that circulate and cross-pollinate across global routes.

Global Culture Studies

Did you know?

The program’s requirement to live and study in another country and culture and to gain proficiency in a second language is unusual in the California State University system.

Our graduates can be found in the international labor force in the United States and abroad, working in the private sector and for nonprofits, and commonly go on to serve in the Peace Corps.

Intl Studies students


A degree in International Studies will offer you many career options at home and abroad. Our unique Career Workshop will prepare you to pursue any careers in the United States or abroad.

  • Foreign Service Officer/Diplomat
  • Peace Corps Employee
  • ESL/EFL Teacher
  • International Relations Officer
  • Journalist/Correspondent
  • Economic Development Analyst
  • Bilingual Specialist
  • Immigration Specialist
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Travel Writer
Intl Studies students

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