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Rising Tides

Study the cultures and marine life in Humboldt and Trinidad bays

Imagine waking up every day just minutes away from some of the most wild, pristine, and vibrant coastline in California.

See yourself venturing into the ocean to explore its depths aboard a 91-foot research vessel, or wading into rocky tidepools to study sea stars and other intriguing types of marine life. This vision can become a reality with Rising Tides—the beginning of your pathway to not just learning marine science, but to being a marine scientist.

This program is for students majoring in Marine Biology, and Oceanography.

Video: Rising Tides at Cal Poly Humboldt

Rising Tides student tide pooling

At Humboldt, we learn in and from the environment around us

  • Connect With Campus Instantly

    Join a community of first-year students who are engaged and excited about studying Marine Biology or Oceanography. Get to know the faculty, staff, and other marine professionals in the community who will help you grow personally and academically.

  • Connect Western Science to Indigenous Cultural and Value Systems

    Studying local marine environments allows you to explore how the Wiyot Tribe and Trinidad Rancheria have interacted with these ecosystems alongside social and environmental policy in both areas.

  • Learn What it Means to be a Marine Scientist

    Rising Tides will introduce you to the University, your major, and what it means to be a marine scientist. Learn that solving the biggest social and environmental problems require good science, critical thinking, a commitment to social justice, and effective communication.

The Specialized Experiences that Make up Rising Tides 

Have the opportunity to arrive on campus four days early and participate in a Humboldt Immersion field trip to explore marine environments and cultures near Humboldt and Trinidad Bays.

Enroll in program-specific sections of major and general education courses. These courses will demonstrate the link between the participating majors as well as relate them to the place where you are choosing to live and study for the next four years.

Take a Native American Studies course that will connect western science with Indigenous cultures, values, and environmental knowledges

You have the option to live on campus with other Rising Tides students.

Rising Tides student tide poolingRising Tides student tide pooling

Meet the Faculty Coordinator

Sean Craig
(707) 826-5946

Sean Craig