Majors & Programs

Business Administration

Degrees Offered: BS Minor MBA

Businesses need people who are thinkers and communicators. Our program provides an educational approach emphasizing important business skills. Humboldt business administration graduates report to us: “Thanks for providing us with so many writing and speaking assignments. This truly helps in my career.”

Our goals are to educate students for lifelong learning and for leadership regarding important issues like sustainability, international business, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility. To accomplish this, we offer a core curriculum and we integrate that core into our concentration courses and our capstone courses, Strategic Management and Social Environment of Business.

Our business program is distinguished by being infused with sustainability, grounded in entrepreneurship, and linked to experiential (“hands-on”) learning. We offer a number of hands-on learning opportunities to students, including a competitive internship program that provides Smullin Internship financial awards as well as academic credit.

Our competitive advantage is that of a university committed to teaching small classes, particularly in advanced courses. This allows us to provide students with frequent writing, speaking, and presentation opportunities. We use a case approach in some classes so that students are writing and presenting their learning in a realistic setting.

Students apply computing skills throughout our curriculum using modern computing labs to provide hands-on experience.

We are a small department of committed teachers who are available to work individually with students. We create a learning environment that helps motivate students.

Siemens Hall 111

Degrees & Requirements

Major Concentrations

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • New Venture Management

Major Academic Plans