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Elementary Education (Liberal Studies)

Degrees Offered: BA

The Liberal Studies, B.A. has a core set of courses that focus on 21st century teaching approaches and emphasize the traditional disciplines taught in elementary schools. All students start out in the non-integrated concentration and may be admitted to the integrated credential concentration in their junior or senior year if they meet all admission requirements. 

The Elementary Education Concentration prepares students to work in a variety of careers within the field of education or enter a post-baccalaureate credential program. Student interest and career goals are central to selection of their individually designed depth of study coursework.

The Elementary Education (ITEP) Concentration is designed for students who want to teach in grades K-8. This integrated program allows students to earn their bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and to be recommended for a preliminary Multiple Subject Credential in four years.

The philosophy of the LSEE program is to provide a course array that offers opportunities for a well-educated person to confront intellectual issues that transcend the disciplines.LSEE majors will gain highly-developed verbal and written communication skills, and will understand each subject of the elementary school curriculum with considerable breadth and depth. This approach is further enhanced by meaningful professional experiences.

LSEE majors will gain extensive experience in the elementary classroom by participating in a specially-designed sequence of four fieldwork and seminar classes. These classes foster and support effective teaching practices in the core disciplines and offer experiences in a variety of local K-6 classrooms.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Student Chapter of California Teachers Association.

The Multiple Subjects, Single Subjects, and Special Education credentials are basic credentials. Although they are all K-12, the Multiple Subjects credential is generally used in a self-contained classroom, the Single Subjects is generally used for subject-specific classroom teaching, and the Special Education Credential is used in special day class and/or resource specialist classroom.

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  • Elementary Education
  • Elementary Education (ITEP)

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