Majors & Programs


Degrees Offered: BS Minor

Forestry is an incorporative discipline, drawing from the biological, physical, social, and managerial sciences. The forestry curriculum aids in understanding the biological complexities of the forest and the interactions between the forest and social and economic demands. The program provides sufficient background and depth of education to give students a sound basis for professional growth within a broad range of forestry-related careers.

Cal Poly Humboldt is located in the heart of the coastal redwood forest. This forested environment provides outdoor classrooms for more than half of the forestry courses. Field trips illustrate lecture concepts and teach field techniques. Excellent on-campus laboratories complement the outdoor lab. Students have access to the college forest, the Arcata Community Forest, the Schatz Demonstration Tree Farm, public and private forest lands, and various production centers. Because Humboldt County also has a large forest products industry, Cal Poly Humboldt is an excellent place to study the resolution of environmental issues with economic concerns. Students and faculty interact with professional forest managers and researchers of the region both in the classroom and in the field.

Currently we offer six distinct concentrations in forestry at Humboldt: Forest Hydrology, Forest Operations, Forest Resource Conservation, Forest Soils, Tribal Forestry, and Wildland Fire Management.  We are accredited by the Society of American Foresters. High school and early college preparation for all of these options should include an introduction to the biological and physical sciences and mathematics, as well as a broad education in communication skills, social sciences, arts and humanities.