Majors & Programs

Recreation Administration

Degrees Offered: BA Minor

The recreation, tourism, and leisure service industry is the largest and fastest growing in the world. With the increasing availability of leisure time, the demand for qualified recreation professionals is continually increasing. At Humboldt we are doing our part to meet this demand by offering a relaxed and personalized atmosphere in which one can work, grow, and learn while majoring in recreation administration. It is our aim to enter into a partnership with you by providing the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity needed to help secure a position in the recreation profession.

Our philosophy, simply stated, is holistic in nature. We feel that through creative use of leisure time you can learn to be more aware of your own resources and total possibilities. In addition to learning more about yourself and the creative use of leisure time, your experiences can lead to new levels of awareness regarding your potential in contributing to others and the quality of their lives.

To implement these ideals, the recreation administration program uses an interdisciplinary approach and provides a variety of learning situations. Students select an option area: Outdoor Leadership or Tourism Management, or students may work with recreation administration faculty to design an individual option area. Recreation administration students will take courses in programming, leadership, administration, management, philosophy, and therapeutic recreation. These courses offer traditional and experiential or hands-on approaches to learning. Each student will complete a minor or minor field of study in business and a semester-long internship. The recreation administration program will help assure that students have the practical experience needed and the academic competencies required to obtain a position and succeed in an exciting, challenging, and personally satisfying profession. If you are considering recreation administration as your major, please feel free to call or visit. We would enjoy having you as part of our program.