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Requisition for a Purchase Order (PO)

A Requisition for a Purchase Order (PO), also known as a service order, agreement or contract, includes terms and conditions that provide protection for the University. If the Purchase Order is for a service, it insures that the supplier will indemnify and hold harmless the University in connection with their performance or activity. Purchase Orders should be used any time a transaction is not appropriate for a ProCard, for all service agreements, and to purchase items such as equipment and IT hardware. Please review the Frequently Used OE Accounts List for detailed examples of when to use a Purchase Order.

Requisition: An online form completed by a University department requesting to make a purchase. Once processed by Contracts & Procurement, it becomes a Purchase Order.

Purchase Order: A legal document issued by Contracts & Procurement to a supplier authorizing the purchase requested (Requisition) by a department. Once issued, the department will receive email notification that the Purchase Order has been created.

Blanket Purchase Orders: Blanket Purchase Orders may be sent to suppliers that are frequently used by the University department. It is recommended that Blanket Purchase Orders be used whenever possible, as they eliminate the need for many smaller orders. Blanket Purchase Orders should be used for recurring services.

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