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Religious Studies, B.A.

The world is a richly meaningful place and every life is an authentic contribution to that larger meaning. Understanding the world’s religions and spiritual traditions allows us to see how belief and belonging influence culture, ethics, and politics. Focusing on major religions of the world, spiritual paths, and secular belief systems, our curriculum helps students develop the capacity for scholarship and disciplined thought on the subject of religion and encourages them to utilize the study of religion to enrich their own quest for meaning, consider their values, and ponder the questions that have captivated  people for millennia.

Why this Program

The experiential program offers opportunities for direct observation and encounter with Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and other communities. 

 The major is designed to be completed in one or two years so you’ll have time to study abroad, do an internship, or complete a double major.

You will have ample opportunity to present your research findings at professional conferences, author papers, and intern with local community partners.

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Academics & Options

Our approach is international and multidisciplinary; we collaborate with World Languages and Cultures, Geography, Environmental Studies, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Art. The curriculum encourages the appreciation of cultural diversity as we consider traditional values, sacred texts, and religious history. 

Did You Know?

Experiential Weekends are 1.0 units and can be taken multiple times for credit.

Religious Studies is designed to work as a double major option for students in Biology, Psychology, and Anthropology.

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A Religious Studies degree will give you a competitive edge in today’s increasingly diverse workforce. You will graduate with practical skills in communication and lifelong learning, so you can thrive—professionally as a citizen and future leader, and personally as an individual and community member.

  • Artist
  • Business Leader
  • Case Manager
  • Counselor
  • Doctor
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher

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