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Degrees Offered: BS

The wildlife program provides a foundation that instills students with a sense of responsibility, appreciation, expertise, and the drive to help manage and conserve the earth’s wildlife and ecosystems.

Students receive rigorous academic training in the classroom and in the field from a series of Ecology/Management courses which focus on (1) Large Mammals, (2) Waterfowl, (3) Upland Game, and (4) Non-game (e.g. herps, shorebirds, birds of prey, or neotropical passerines). We offer specialty courses in Advanced Ornithology, Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Biology, Energetics, Ethology (Animal Behavior), Population Ecology, Upland Habitats, Wetlands, and Wildlife Diseases. Seniors must conduct independent research and complete a senior thesis with supervision from a professor.

The campus overlooks Humboldt Bay and coastal habitats that attract a wealth of the Pacific Flyway’s migratory shorebirds, raptors, and waterfowl. Local habitats, including Redwood National and State Parks and Six Rivers National Forest, are inhabited by black bears, river otters, Roosevelt elk, bobcats, mountain lions, and more.

The Humboldt wildlife program is nationally recognized. Our alumni hold many top jobs in the profession and often choose Humboldt wildlife graduates for jobs as field biologists, refuge managers, educators, game wardens, environmental consultants, etc.

“One would be hard pressed to find an undergraduate major anywhere with as many specialized wildlife courses that provide such a hands-on, field-based education. It is a wonderful program and an awesome place to live.”

—Dominic Bachman
2005 BS & 2008 MS Alumnus
US Fish & Wildlife Biologist

If you love the outdoors, wish to study animals, and want to contribute to conservation and management, then you should definitely consider an Humboldt wildlife degree!

Wildlife & Fisheries 220

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  • Wildlife Management & Conservation
  • Conservation Biology/Applied Vertebrate Ecology

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