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Getting Paid at Cal Poly Humboldt

The information on this page applies to state employees only. It does not apply to employees of university auxiliary organizations, such as Associated Student's or Sponsored Programs Foundation.

Payroll Basics

  • It's not a check, it's a warrant - You call it a paycheck; the State Controller calls it a pay warrant. The Payroll office does not receive copies of pay warrants or direct deposit advices (statements). Please retain for your records.
    Understanding your State of California Pay Warrant
  • It comes from the state

    Payroll warrants are not produced on campus; they are issued from the State Controller's Office (SCO) in Sacramento, then distributed by Humboldt Financial Services.

  • It's issued monthly

    Regular faculty and staff are paid at the end of the month (some months may be the beginning of each month); student assistants and special categories (intermittent hourly, special consultants, overtime, etc.) are paid at mid-month. Refer to the Green & Gold calendar for actual issue dates as each month may vary.

    Green and Gold Calendar

    Pay, vacation, and other dates - Current Fiscal Year

  • It won't be mailed

    Pay warrants must be picked up at the Student Financial Services - Cashiers office in the Student Business Services building, 2nd floor. (You'll need to show ID.) Employees may also arrange for direct deposit to their bank accounts, through the Payroll department (forms can be picked up and dropped off in the Business Services office in the Student Business Services building, 3rd floor, room 345.

  • It's only good for a year

    As of January 1, 1998, pay warrants are valid for one year from the date of issue.

When do I get paid?

How much do I get paid?

About Taxes

  • About W-2 Forms
  • Changing your withholding

    If you think the government isn't withholding the right amount from your pay, you can calculate your correct withholding allowance using the instructions and worksheets for IRS Form W-4. The form and instructions are available at the Library, or online from the IRS. If you want to change your allowances from what are currently on file, you must go to Human Resources and fill out an Employee Action Request (EAR) (for faculty and staff), or a Student Personnel Action Request (SPAR) (for students). SPARs can also be completed in the employing department.